Category: Trusts

Trustee Duties

A trust is any arrangement in which property (the trust estate) is transferred by someone (the settlor) for the benefit of a third person (the beneficiary). A revocable living trust is usually created by the settlor for his or her own benefit during his or her lifetime. Upon death of the settlor, the trust becomes [..]

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Community Property with a Twist

If you own your property as joint tenants with right of survivorship California law presumes you mean exactly that; even if the joint tenants are husband and wife. This means that married couples do not automatically receive the benefits of community property ownership upon the death of the first spouse, even for property that would [..]

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Trouble with Second Marriages

Many of my clients are couples in their second marriage. Sometimes they have children from a prior marriage. Sometimes, they have separate property as well as property they own with their spouses. I set forth in this newsletter general information that affects the estate plan for people in second marriages. In most cases, you should [..]

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