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Gifting Your Estate

GIFTING In planning their estates, people have a wide variety of reasons for selecting particular beneficiaries and determining the amounts they want those beneficiaries to receive and the manner in which they want the beneficiaries to receive their inheritances. This newsletter explores gifting issues. BENEFICIARIES vs. HEIRS AT LAW Under California law, beneficiaries and heirs [..]

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Preditor Protection

As people age, the ability to resist undue influence decreases. Predators use undue influence to overcome a persons own natural inclinations and imposes the predators wishes on senior adults that results in an involuntary estate plan, contrary to the persons long held wishes. Undue influence deprives a person of the right to be the one [..]

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A Tale of Two Deaths

A Tale of Two Deaths I have experienced the death of two people with whom I had a close relationship.  One occurred almost fifteen years ago, and one occurred last month.  Although there were some interesting similarities between the two events, there were also significant differences. My husband’s was the first death.  He had never [..]

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